Buenos Aires

Often referred to as the “Paris of South America,” it came as no surprise that we loved Buenos Aires from the moment we stepped off the plane and bit into our first empanada.

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

When: November 2016

Stayed: CasaSur Palermo

Instagram: #wellsinargentina

We stayed in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, and that (and the neighboring Palermo Soho), were definitely our two favorites areas to wander, eat and spend our evenings. Our hotel was bright and charming, complete with complimentary bikes and an outdoor pool.

Our first day was spent walking most of the city, stopping randomly along the way. We popped into the famous El Ateneo Grand Splendid, ate the most mouth-watering empanadas from El Sanjuanino, grabbed cocktails at Los Galgos and ended our trek with classic pies from El Cuartito.

The rest of our time was spent exploring all around Palermo. Some favorite coffee shops included LAB, Full City and Lattente, while La Alacena was perfect for lunch. Tata Florist was its own little urban oasis, and a walk through the Botanical Garden led to Panorama Store, Jauja Helado and Casa Cavia. Plaza Palermo Viejo was a favorite area, with all of its colors and outdoor seating, and there were the cutest boutiques, bars and cafes on every corner. We didn’t plan many stops in advance, and preferred to just go with whatever caught our eye. Which in this city, was a lot! One very fun evening was spent at La Birreria, with plenty of beers on tap, and ski films projected silently on the wall.

Until next time, BA!


  1. Haha I especially love the one of your trying to pet the cat! I bet your hubby is thinking “No, it will follow us forever if you give it love!” Amazing pictures as always! Hoping to travel more this next year!

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  2. Faith

    Such lovely images!

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    • Lauren

      Thank you!

  3. Lauren

    I know you sometimes post a few months after you’ve traveled so it might not always be possible, but I would LOVE links to your clothes/accessories. You always look amazing.

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    • Lauren

      That is so sweet, I will try to share more, especially on Instagram!