Gender Reveal Party Poppers with Lindt

With our own baby girl on the way, and so many friends also expecting, I have been helping a few create some picture perfect gender reveals to share the news with their own family and friends. Always a fan of confetti and chocolate, these party poppers filled with Lindt LINDOR truffles are both fun and tasty!

Using pink or blue Lindt LINDOR truffles, all of the flavors are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, with my personal favorites being the Coconut and the Stracciatella (which tastes like cake batter)! The full (and simple) DIY is below.

You could mail them to loved ones who aren’t nearby, or invite everyone over for dinner, placing one cracker on each plate. Everyone crosses arms, with one hand on their own popper, and one hand on their neighbors. 3..2..1… ! Whether it is a boy or a girl, there will be plenty of excitement!




  • cut the paper roll in half (to make popping easier), and re-secure with a small piece of tape
  • wrap the paper roll in tissue paper, using adhesive dots or scotch tape to secure
  • with both ends open, insert a cracker snap
  • secure one end of the paper roll with ribbon, leaving the cracker snap accessible, and then trimming the tissue paper
  • fill the other end with confetti and three Lindt LINDOR truffles
  • secure this end of the paper roll, leaving the cracker snap accessible, and trimming the tissue paper to match
  • crack open and celebrate!


Thank you to Lindt for collaborating on this post, and to you for reading! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.