Traveling while Pregnant

The Mama Notes is an amazing resource with a fresh take on modern motherhood. Founded by the lovely Caitlin, I was thrilled to share a guest post earlier this month on traveling internationally while pregnant.

Pictured above is the bump and I in Puglia. We’ve had quite the 31 weeks together so far, and she is fast becoming my favorite travel buddy, second only to her dad. Since being pregnant, we have been all over the States (including Hawai’i!), as well as to Scotland, The Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Malta and Bermuda. We have also made the decision to cancel a few trips, including a return to Chile, and a first visit to Morocco.

I shared a whole bunch of tips and advice (i.e. embracing that topless European lifestyle, and even sexier, wearing compression socks on long haul flights) over on The Mama Notes, and you can find the link here.