South Iceland No. 2

On our last full day of the trip, we explored the Golden Circle, Þingvellir National Park and a few more spots in South Iceland. You can read about our previous day in South Iceland here!

Where: South Iceland

When: July 2016

Stayed: ION Hotel

Instagram: #wellsiniceland

Our first stop of the day was Brúarfoss, the elusive blue waterfall. Getting there is easy once you find the trail – just a five minute walk through the woods. Finding the trail is the hard part! Using google maps – and googling “how to find brúarfoss” – we ended up on a residential street called Brekkuskógur. We had no idea where to actually park, and just chose an empty spot at random. After wandering aimlessly around the street for a bit, we spotted the trail marker pictured below. High fives all around!

After leaving the blue watered beauty, we drove through part of the Golden Circle, passing Icelandic horses, greenhouses and the “Secret Lagoon” in Flúðir. This thermal pool is a great choice if you want something on the main road, that is easily accessible.

We also stopped by Gulfoss, which was FILLED with tour buses. Cue the apropos selfie.

For lunch, we made the excellent choice of waiting for a table at Fridheimar, a tomato farm / restaurant in a beautiful greenhouse. It reminded me a bit of New England’s Terrain, and it was the most wonderful experience! There were tomato drinks, tomato tortillas, tomato soups, tomato waters, tomato sweets… and even basil plants you snip yourself right on the table. Most importantly, it is all run by the sweetest family who clearly loves what they do, and that is just the best.

We took the long way back to our hotel, driving through Þingvellir national park and taking in the views.

Until next time, Iceland!


  1. Iceland is such an unreal place! Would love to visit so much one day!

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  2. Love the shots of the horses! Especially the one of him sticking his tongue out!

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