A Hot Chocolate Picnic with Lindt

There is nothing better than a warm drink on a cold day, especially if shared with someone special by the sea. So having a hot chocolate picnic – made with Lindt LINDOR truffles! – seemed like the perfect way to spend an afternoon at the Ocean House this winter. It also seemed like the perfect way to kick off my year long partnership with Lindt Chocolate, and one I am so excited about. I am a blogger on their 2017 Influencer Council, which means I will be sharing some favorite moments and recipes made with Lindt throughout the year. A sweet and delicious collaboration that I hope you enjoy following!

The recipe for LINDOR hot chocolate is simple as can be! All you do is melt a handful of truffles (the more, the better) in warm milk (I like to use whole). The fun part is mixing and matching all of the different flavors: my favorite was coconut, followed by mint, with hazelnut coming in at a close third.

It was such a treat to plop down, watch the waves and sip on our handmade hot chocolates. Salty air and sweet drinks, plus the perfect cuddle buddy.


Thank you to Lindt for collaborating on this post, and to you for reading! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.