Thailand: Ko Lanta

A few weeks ago, I shared the first part of our Thailand trip to Chiang Mai. After leaving the beautiful city behind, we headed to Ko Lanta, a tiny island off the coast of Krabi in the Andaman Sea.

When: March 2015

Where: Ko Lanta, Thailand

Stayed: Costa Lanta

Instagram: #wellsinthailand

We stayed at Costa Lanta, in the most perfect concrete bungalow along Klong Dao Beach.

We loved the contemporary Thai design of the entire hotel, from the indigo pool to the open air restaurant to the bright pops of orange.

The food at Costa Lanta was wonderful also – muesli for breakfast, late night curries, and mango sticky rice every, single day.

Along with our hotel, we absolutely loved the laid-back, beach vibe that is Ko Lanta. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Here are a few must do’s if you visit:

Time For Lime! This was THE MOST FUN ever. Mai was our teacher, and she was completely wonderful and hilarious – we did not stop laughing for four hours straight. Our class was made up of people from 8 different countries (8!), and it truly was the best group of people. I cannot recommend this experience (or the lemongrass margaritas) enough.

Grab floaties from any shop along the beach, and ride the waves! Fun for hours.

As with Chiang Mai, get rubbed down at least once a day! All along the beach are independent masseuses (rather than the ones operated by hotels), where the prices are so reasonable you can hardly believe it. On our second day there, we found our favorite spot, a little pink pagoda with the prettiest seashell chimes. Every afternoon, we would walk over from the beach for aloe vera massages during magic hour. It was, well, magic.

Stand up paddle board – it is quite the workout with the waves, and a fun way to explore the island.

Drink and eat all along the beach – I do not remember which places we went to exactly, but all were wonderful!


Wake up for the sunrise…

And pull up a chair for the sunset.

Visit the Phi Phi Islands, and/or snorkel around Koh Rok. Originally, we had planned to do both trips, but we decided to cancel the Koh Rok tour after we spent the day visiting the Phi Phi Islands. We had a great time, but we didn’t want to spend another full day off the island. All of the tours to these places (at least the group ones we found), were full day trips, when in my opinion, they could easily be half days by skipping the 2-3 hour lunch blocks. But, I definitely recommend going on at least one!

Rock a tiger tank.

Soak it all in.


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