An UP Anniversary

Nina + Gramps have gone viral: Fox News, Today Show, The Boston Globe, Mashable, LA Times, Daily Mail, Rangefinder, My Modern Metropolis, Cosmopolitan France, Perez Hilton, Yahoo News…. and so many more!



Nina + Gramps are Matt’s grandparents on his mom’s side, and are the cutest couple ever. They have been married 61 years, have never taken off their rings, and remain the very best of friends. They never got proper wedding photos, as their photographer stood them up 61 years ago. Us grandkids decided a photo album would make the perfect holiday present, and as such, the UP-themed anniversary shoot was born!


You can read all about the shoot here, and more about Nina + Gramps here. It was a dream working with Cambria, Caroline + Becky, and my sister Abs proved to be the best balloon trooper one could ever wish for.

Up Anniversary

The reaction to this shoot was what really blew me away. Sure, I love the photos, but I am completely biased – I love the people in them! It was truly amazing to read the outpouring of good will and kindness from so many people who just love a good love story. They do, after all, make the world go round.

Reading through so many comments – all positive, and so many tear-inducing – my heart was so, so full. I know Nina + Gramps’ hearts were bursting too, as Matt read them each and every comment, meant for them, from kind strangers all around the world.

So THANK YOU to each of you who brought a smile to my family’s face. Thank you thank you thank you.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot, with some of my favorite comments sprinkled in.



“Life doesn’t get better than this, does it?”


“These photos are incredibly sweet!! I think I just got a bit teary eyed. This is what love is all about!”


“I almost fell off of my chair – what a pleasant surprise!”


“The sweetest thing I have ever seen. Congrats on 61 years!”


“Love love love love love love love this”


“Inspiration for everyone”


“This is by far, the mostly touching story I have ever read. It made my whole day.”


“Crying in my office”


“Oh my! What a beautiful reminder of what the wedding day really leads to!”


“This just made my day and melted my heart.”


“Tears in my eyes. All my love to these two special lovebirds.”


“Perfect capture of what we all aspire to.”


“This is the best.”


“My grandparents have been married for 71 years, and they are just like Nina and Gramps – best friends forever.”


“The best wedding inspiration ever. If you’re planning a wedding, this is by far the most important thing to achieve. Everlasting love!”


“So incredibly beautiful”


“Possibly the best feature we’ve ever had on SMP. In love. Madly.”

This last one was for me. DAY MADE by Abby Larson.

peace, love and hugs, L


Photos: Cambria Grace Photography

Flowers: Wild Folk Studio

Vintage Props: Pop & Circumstance

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  1. Lindsay

    Lauren – I’ve been following along your instagram & Facebook page for quite some time (in a totally NOT creepy way) amazing to see how you’re building your business. Congrats on the big feature & cheers to Nina & Gramps! 🙂

    | Reply
    • Lauren

      Lindsay, this is the sweetest note, thank you!!! And please, keep following, in a creepy way or not. 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words! xox

  2. yay for nina and gramps!

    | Reply
    • Lauren

      how silly for YOU to me commenting on MY blog! xoxox

  3. Helen Pow

    Hey Lauren

    My name’s Helen Pow and I’ve followed up the adorable story about Matt’s grandparents and their touching photo shoot in an article for the Daily Mail Online.
    I was wondering, do you have a copy of Dorothy and Donald’s sole wedding photograph that you could email me? I’d love to include it in the story so we can see them as newlyweds!

    Sorry for the late email.

    Thanks so much, and happy holidays to your family.


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  4. Most couples get wedding photos, but Nina & Gramps got “Happily Every After” photos, which mean SO much more! These are a fabulous tribute – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

    | Reply
    • Lauren

      Thank you Rachel, so sweet! Happy holidays to you!

  5. Amy

    Wow is all I can say!!! This movie is so very personal to my husband and I. We used elements from it on our own wedding day. We took pictures with balloons and I even walked down the aisle to music from the movie. This photo shoot touched me so deeply to see the love between these two after all these years!!! So beautiful!! I only hope that my husband and I will get the chance one day to have such a beautiful shoot as this to celebrate such a beautiful love story!!! congrats all around!!!

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  14. chris

    Love from France 🙂

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  15. Ed nutter

    My grandparents were married at 16 and 28 (long before Phil Robertson) and were married for 63 years. My parents married at 28 and 30 and lasted 62 years until my Dad’s death. My Mom’s sister married at 18 to a 20 year old Marine, and they were married for 73 years.

    That in itself is a rich family heritage.

    | Reply
  16. Jason

    What a beautiful way to celebrate a life of love and commitment.

    I used to be the director of the Ernest Thompson Seton Memorial Library in Cimarron, NM, so I love to see his works remembered and shared.

    | Reply
    • Lauren

      So neat, Jason! It is my very favorite vintage book I own!

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